״If I forget you, Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill.״(Psalm 137:5)
We Bring The Most Amazing Jerusalem Wall Art  Into Your Living Room: Handmade 24 Karat Gold Plated Art Of The Holy City Jerusalem As You've Never Seen It Before...
Limited Edition Series by Jerusalem Gold
“If I could only afford it, I would present you with a golden Jerusalem.”

Two thousand years after Rabi Akiva said this to his wife Rachel - we are proud to bring to life our own version of "Jerusalem Of Gold." Highly detailed panoramic view of current Jerusalem - on 24K gold plate!

Not every day do we come across something that can bring us endless bliss and joy. Our mesmerizing model "Jerusalem Of Gold" is exactly that. We manufacture each model in a long and complex process that aims for perfection and the highest details. It's not an easy task for us - but the results are absolutely stunning that you can enjoy for lifetime to come. Amen.

Besides a lifetime guarantee we provide to each of our models – we also ensure that it will fill your heart with love, light, warmth & unity every time you look at it.
The Gold: 24 karat highest quality plate
We use 0.6 grams of gold in each model we make. Although it might not sound much at first - It's one of the highest levels of gold plating you can find.

The art created at Jerusalem Gold strives towards perfection in the minutest detail and in the coming together of the finished masterpiece, none of which would be possible without our high-quality metal or leading technique.
The Frame: Modern / Oriental Selection
A good art frame should reflect upon the art it holds and our frames will strike balance between the art and your living room design.

Like everything else here at Jerusalem Gold, our frames are made with meticulous attention to details. We regard our frames as an extension of our art - therefore we make them with the same attentiveness as we do our gold plating. Our artists examine even the tiniest detail of the framework, so that the finished frame is just as perfect and refined as the gold it holds.
The Process: All Handmade With Love
We craft our art in a unique technique that enables us to create intricate and precise details in gold that simply cannot be achieved otherwise.

Jerusalem Gold is one of the few companies in the world offering gold plates cut and shaped in this particular manner – and indeed this is what enables us to bring forth extraordinary, unmatched detail and refinement to our beautiful art model.
Size Specifications:

Regular: Gold Plate: 73x24 / With Frame: 105x55 cm
Enlarged frame: 73x24 / With Frame:115x65 cm
Special Order: 140x48 / With frame: 200x100

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Free shipping - 21 Days delivery to your home
100% Lifetime guarantee on Jerusalem Gold art
Certificate of authenticity - Real 24K gold plated art!

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"It is a huge privilege for us to bring such a meaningful masterpiece to the homes of our brothers and sisters around the world knowing they will enjoy it for a lifetime to come."
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